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Motosyko Hybrid 184cc race engine kit.

Mammoth 184cc race engine. The 184cc engine has proved to be a potent bit of kit, and is a vast improvement over the 160cc engine.  Here at Motosyko we can offer you even more power and a  vast array of performance parts to bolt up to you engine. The 184cc engine here has a TB 64mm ceramic cylinder and High compression race piston fitted..  The question is, what do you want from your motor, and where do you want to draw the line!  Please see a list of some of the performace parts you can add to this beast below.

Engine Specs

Bore size (64mm)

Stroke (57mm)

Inlet valve 28mm, Exhaust valve 23mm

4 speed gearbox (N-1-2-3-4)

16mm kick start shaft

TB 184cc Ceramic Aluminium cylinder and High compression race piston (Installed)

Honda style engine mount alignment

So what do I get in the box?

Engine, 26mm inlet manifold, Gaskets and spacers, Kick start & Gear lever, Custom black covers & nut and bolt kit.

These engines are built to order, please allow upto 5 days before dispatch.

Additional information

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