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Motosyko Hybrid Semi Auto 88cc race engine kit.

This is a fantastic 88cc base engine to start building your ultimate race machine.

Here at Motosyko we can offer you a vast array of performance parts to couple up to your engine.

Please see some of the optional extras available at the bottom of the page.

Additional parts are provided at a special discounted rate when purchased with an engine.

Therefore be sure to add your parts in on this page using the tick boxes. Any additional performance parts added will be fitted to your engine and supplemented for OEM equipment.

Engine Specs:

Bore size (47mm) Stroke (49.5mm)

4 speed gearbox (N-1-2-3-4) Semi Auto Clutch

14mm kick start shaft

88cc Aluminium cylinder

Honda style engine mount alignment

So what do I get in the box? Engine, spark plug, Gaskets and spacers, Kick start & Gear lever, Custom black covers & nut and bolt kit.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg


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