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TB CRF110 - Big Valve Kit

+1.5mm intake and +0.5mm exhaust valve kit for the 2013 Honda CRF110.

Intake Valve:
  • Base - 27mm
  • Shaft - 66mm long
  • Overall - 75mm long
  • Stem thickness - 5mm

Exhaust valve:

  • Base- 21mm
  • Shaft - 66mm long
  • Overall - 75mm long
  • Stem thickness - 5mm

Our oversized valves are constructed out of EV8 stainless steel to provide superior strength and longevity over the factory valves.
They are also lighter than the factory valves. Additionally, the valve profiles have been changed to yield better flow characteristics resulting in better performance.

With these oversized valves you get the best of everything as the stainless material will long out live the stock valves, the bigger size will yield more flow thus yielding more power, and the lighter design will help prevent valve float give providing the potential to rev higher and faster and it frees up horsepower used to open and shut the heavier stock valves.

NOTE: This kit should be installed by a professional mechanic or shop that offers valve job service as the valve seats must be cut to accept the larger valve head diameters and valves sunk deeper to allow for overlap clearances. The kit includes a document that includes protrusion and installs heights specs.

NOTE: WARNING CRF110 2019 - UP with EFI
You must use a fuel controller and

properly tune the EFI to avoid engine damage  

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