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Monster 160cc electric start engine. The 160cc engine has proved to be a contender in all disciplines of motorcycle racing and on the road.  Here at Motosyko we can offer you a vast array of performance parts to bolt up to you engine. These engines have be tried and tested by civilians and racers, and found to be extreamly reliable. The 160cc engine here has a huge amount of optional extras..  The question is, what do you want from your motor!  Please see a list of some of the performace parts you can add below.

Engine Specs

lease see some of the optional extras avalible at the bottomBore size (60mm)

Stroke (57mm)

Inlet valve 28mm, Exhaust valve 23mm

4 speed gearbox (N-1-2-3-4)

16mm kick start shaft

160cc Aluminium cylinder

Honda style engine mount alignment

So what do I get in the box?

Engine, Wire loom, Race coil pack, Digital CDI unit, Dual core foam air filter, Hydrovane oil cooler & Braided lines, Banjo bolts & washers, Molkt 26 carburetor,26mm inlet manifold, Gaskets and spacers, Kick start & Gear lever, Custom black covers & nut and bolt kit.

These engines need a battery to power the electric start.  They are DC power.  You will need a Reg/Rec fitted to the bike also.

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