TB V2 RACE KIT (2) 120-125CC



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TB Roller Rocker Race Head V2 146cc Big Bore w/VM26 Carb Kit
China 124cc & 120cc engines 14mm Wrist Pin

Highest Performance Race head on the market with full parts support in stock.

Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications.

Key Features:

  • Roller rocker arms exactly like the V2 head for the KLX110
  • 28.5mm intake valve
  • 23.5mm exhaust valve
  • 5mm valve stem
  • 23mm exhaust port
  • Matching high compression piston
  • Head kits include all hardware
  • 57mm piston with rings, pin, & clips
  • 57mm all aluminum cylinder with steel liner
  • VM26 Carb Kit
  • High performance race camshaft (for the Race Head only)
  • Head gasket kit


  • Sta-bil fuel stabilizer - W-57-1109

See the Performance Info section for additional information on our performance parts.


  • China 120cc engines with a 14mm wrist pin

Kit Includes:

  • TBW0751 - V2 Race head
  • TBW0821 - V2 Head bolt kit
  • TBW0752 - Cam
  • TBW0754 - V2 Head cover set
  • TBW0414 - Cam sprocket
  • TBW0824 - Piston
  • TBW0862 - Top end gasket kit
  • TBW0601 - Cylinder
  • TBW0301 - Throttle cable
  • TBW0433 - Intake kit
  • TBW0399 - VM26 Carb
  • TBW0413 - Air filter

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